An interview with Laleh Eskandari and his husband after marriage

Laleh Eskandari is one of the most popular actresses . She has studied and graduated graphic and also she has learned designing on mosaic and tiles and finally she is so interested in photography . She has an interesting and independent character .While she plays in Cinema and TV Series , She works on designing and art and in both of them is so successful . She recently has married , We have an interview with these couple which is so interesting and readable . Laleh and Sasan Firoozi have made a new life far from the commotion of acting in Cinema . We asked Sasan , How did your familiarity start ? We had an exhibition of building industry in Tabriz in 2007 and Miss Eskandari had come to visit this exhibition I had a booth there and we were familiar there .Eskandari was asked , Has your husband propose any condition for lowering your activities in Cinema ? She answered , Our relationship is a mature and we do not get into these categories .

Do you do any house wife’s duty at home ? She asked , I and my sister have an independent life in top floor of our parent’s home . When we had suddenly guests we did some works at home . Sasan was asked . Did your family agree with this marriage ? He answered , yes my mother was a fan of her TV Series that was broadcasted in TV , and Laleh was her favourite actress . What was your first common understanding between you and made you feel happy ? Laleh : Both of us are tasteful , We both like exercising , travelling , pleasure with guests .

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