An interview with Hasan JoharChi and his children about cinema


Hasan JoharChi is one of the most famous and popular actors in TV series and cinema.He has begun acting in theater since 12 years old and achieved to the top of the fame, when he played in TV series named as”Under your protection” and ” In my heart”.He has 2 children, the big one is called “Ava” and the small one is “Ali”. Both of them are studying which are related to cinema.Ava is studying in acting classes with leading Amin Tarokh, and Ali is following the course of art directory and composing music.

He is professional in playing guitar.They said that they are impressed and interested to art world, because of acting their father and art designing of their mother.Hasan Joharchi wishes to play in a movie which Ali would be it’s director and ava playing in it and his wife manages the designs of that movie.

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