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Reza Attaran , is the most famous and popular actors in Iran . He is also a skilled director of Cinema and TV Series too . Reza Attaran was born in Mashhad , In The Kushesh street . He is the third Child of the Family . He has lost her mother in the earthquake event which occured in Kakhak , a village near the Mashhad , When he was a small Child . He has two bigger sisters and a small brother . He is one of the best Comedians of Iran which most of people love him in all over the world . The father’s character in Attaran’s works : His Family explain about the Attaran’s work that Character of Khashayar in the TV Series of ”Under the City’s Sky , is written in basis of his father , when he was the Screenwriting of this TV Series . The first theater which he played was called ”The lover Mouse ”

which was staged in Mashhad when he was 17 years old . He won the best Actor award in the 2008 , From Gol Agha Comedy Film Festival . He also won Crystal Simorgh for the best actor in the 32nd Fajr international Film festival in 2014 .He was beginning to be famous in the TV Series which called Happy hour which was directed by Mehran Modiri , In 1995-1996 . He has directed So many TV Series which was so Popular , Such as : Accused of Fled , Wanderer , Sweet -and-Sour . He directed the first film of Cinema which Called ”I’m Sleepy ” , In 2011 , which was winner of The best Director and Got the Crystal Simorgh In this Year . Attaran’s wife is also a capable actress who has played  in the movie ”Absolute Rest” Directed By ”Abdolreza Kahani”

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