The famous models and the secret of their success


The Modeling job is introduced as a career which by using the abilities of specific people , begins to advertise companies , products , commercial activities (or copmanies) , famous brands , or even A model can be introduced as a Representative of specific brands . There are many models that were selected to advertise Wedding dresses . Even in fashion Shows which the best models Participate to show their ability as a perfect model . There were a lot of models that After participating in the Fashion Shows were known as a professional model for famous brands . The perfect models have Many factors for the start of modeling Job : Personal characteristics such as Being Shapely , Being Tall ,Natural Beauty and etc . In addition , there are a lot of actors and actresses with a role either to act in the cinema (TV Series) or to do modeling job . The famous actors and actresses who being active in modeling Job Such as Mohammad Reza Golzar , Azadeh Samadi , Annahita Nemati , Bahram Radan , Parastu Salehi , Shahab Hosseini , and etc . The majority of Iranian Actors And actresses In addition to acting are active in other various tasks and activities Annahita Nemmaty also recently entered into the field of modeling . Already Parastu Salehi released her photos as a model .

Niusha Zeighami is another actress who has a beauty clinic . In below you see the most famous models

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