Niusha Zeighami Actress says about her greatest wealth in The life


It seems That You’re So Active In your Job and Life , Where does this energy come from? Have You ever tried to Keep this morale ?I Think the greatest Wealth Of Any Person is the time ,Which are hidden from views, People constantly over their  life think about tomorrow or the mistakes that have done in the past . But I try to live in the present. I always thinking about that maybe I won’t be alive in An Hours .They Think Their wealth is what they have in the life ! but I really think the greatest wealth of every human life is the time , then health and then the mind . Every human being has the opportunity of a life one time , But The Cinema gives you the opportunity to experience a different life over and over again .

And This Subject Is  More Important for me than to be famous in the Cinema . I think all of these things in the life teach The Human A new point. I would pay attention to the negligible things. Is this  look at the life  inherent ? And Have you had this morale when you were a child ?  This question was very interesting. Yesterday was supposed to write a short story about a toy that opportunity happened for me to think of my childhood, I was a  very dreamer Child , I often defined the strange stories ,  I lived with The characters of the stories , I was so different with the other kids

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