What is the most successful diets of Hollywood’s superstars



If you are the lovers of Hollywood’s superstars, you see most of them keep their fitness despite of their aging.Of course we must note that maintaining body’s good and fitness condition have gained by them because of having and following individually special diet and doing specific exercise programs.We briefly explain about the most bizarre diets of them in the below paragraphs:1-Leonardo DiCaprio: His diet program is based on the organic foods and healthy diet.
He doesn’t neglect special exercise program too.
2-Nicole Kidman: Even though she has been very skinny these recent years, but her diet program is known as the most popular diets among the women.She follows the strict diet of boiled eggs, she eats 1 boiled egg for breakfast and 2 of them for dinner.
3-Angelina jolie: She eats salmon fish for breakfast. Her constant daily diet includes salmon, grilled vegetables and white low-fat cheese and fresh fruits. Of course she doesn’t neglect consuming multi-vitamins.
4_ Johnny Depp:
Handsome mystery of Depp is the combination of consumption low-sodium diet with doing strict exercise program. Also he follows a specific nutrition program, including a low- calorie, low fat and low sodium while consumes a large quantities of fruits such as Kiwi, Pineapple, Strawberries, and Blueberries.

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