The strange habit of this girl , for Collecting Kitty Dolls

Miss Natasha Goldsworth is 29 years old and she is a horse trainer . She thinks it is so difficult to find a man which would be ready to live in an apartment which is full of home appliances which are setting up by background of a famous doll called ”Hello Kitty ” . She loved this Cartoon Character while She was a teen girl . In More than recent 15 years she has collected 10000 items by the little of this dole , that are valued about 50000 pounds . All of the rooms in her apartment is covered by the Kitty’s parts such as Jewelries , furnitures , curtains and 4000 kind of soft toys .

The Kingdom doll Kitty , has caused that she couldn’t find favorite man . Natasha Says ” Some men arrived in My Life in the past time and tried to I Leave this habit , But I Separate from them . Because It is a part of me and I Don’t change it for anybody ” She Contiued ” One of my Candidate tried to give me understand not wearing the doll’s clothes but wearing as adults . ” But I Didn’t Accept .This Beautiful Young girl , has many Suitors . But All of Them Scape from her . They not only refuse to marry her , But after face to her strange habit , Abscond from her .She has not been able to get married yet . She loves to find the man of her dreams , But she hasn’t been successful yet .  The strange habit of this Girl For collecting Kitty Dolls caused scaping all of her suitors . It should be mentioned this doll is very popular in the world and has attracted different ages 

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