The necessary and important daily nutrition



You should pay more attention to your daily nutrition, in order to maintain your health and you must try to importance of these groups of foods and eat them regularly and plan your diet on the basis of these healthy foods. Undoubtedly,the healthy diet which both supply required nutrition, unharmed fitness of body، and causes no additional weight , is enjoyable for everybody. A regime that eliminates additional acids in body and also prevents diseases such as arthritis and progressive distractions of bones.

If you like to join the followers of this group, don’t forget consumption of these 5 foods per day.
1- Root vegetables: Many root vegetables such as beets, carrots, horseradish kinds of cabbage.
2- It’s no wonder that cabbage, cauliflower, kale and broccoli are in this list.
3- Eating vegetables: This delicacies foods, besides of increasing levels of H P, fiber , vitamins, particularly vitamins C and K, provide other mineral which are needed for body.
4- Garlic: It has been said over and over, eat garlic, if you want to stay healthy.
5- Lemon: This food is known as the most important food, which we mustn’t to ignore it from the list of foods, beside of this property, boost the immune system, detoxification, and helps improving the digestive system.

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