The most famous hairdressers in the world

The famous persons, such as celebrities, footballers , superstars and politicians, make great importance to good looking, then they try to select the the most skilled hairdressing.In the below paragraphs we introduce some of them.When our country’s national soccer team attended to Brazilian world cup, Alireza Haghighi’s haircut took to consideration for all of the world’s audiences.¬†Also we know that MohamadReza Golzar is the most famous and good-looking superstars of our country. The first characteristic of this artist is his special make up and his hair-cut, which attract attention. Masood Fadavi is the hairdresser of both of them.He is one of the most skilled hair stylists in Tehran.

Khashayar or Shane RahimKhan is also one of the most famous barbers in the world of fashion in Europe. Some of the superstars, famous athletes, politicians, and celebrities such as Joachim Low, the head coach of national team of Germany, Tony Blair and Leonardo Dicaprio or even Nicole Kidman are his steady customers.He was born in Tehran but when he was 13 year old, and in the beginning of war, he went to Vienna and then to Germany when he became 15 years with his family. This famous barber went to Berlin, London, Paris and New York and absorbed the most famous persons and celebrities in the world.

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