The interesting thing about appearance and Katayoon Riahi’s dress

The interesting thing about appearance and Katayoon Riahi’s dress

Poise and simplicity are the main characteristic for the appearance of a woman. Set of all these features appeared in Iranian cinema lady Katayoon Riahi . Take a look at the variety  of  her different clothing show that She knows the law of using colors well .She knows Appropriate clothing of every place , The old ones have said, skirt is for women And pants is for men; Katayoon Riyahi seems very committed to this outlook.She often wear high waisted skirt or semi   high waisted skirt . Women who wear skirts, basically believe in the power of femininity and women are generally in public who have  extensive social activities , do not conflict skirts  with their femininity. Actress, writer and artist who, rightly, one of the most well dressed women’s artists. These women generally have high self-reliance and do not forget their essence. Katayoon Riyahi is also among this category of women . Riahi generally wears long and Loose Clothing and  Loose coat, freed poncho , long shawls which are her  favorite coatings. German researchers have performed Interesting research about people mental and Relevance it into their clothes . The results of their research on the Loose Clothing is  the people who are interested these dresses ,  have interesting features . these people are so generous and they are Never not be jealous and have a lot of friends .  They are devoted and honest. In existence of this kind of people there is a liberation in  their life  . Which gives them the strength to overcome difficulties. Riyahi with extensive charitable activities, she has shown that she is a devoted woman

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