The differences between dressing of actresses in the scenes of Cinema and in ordinary Life



Most of actresses have two characters , One of them is when they are playing in Cinema or TV Series . They observe the hijab and put on special dresses and almost have a little makeup . In the second condition , when they are in ordinary life or travelling especially abroad  , The second character of them appears . The famous actresses Such as Leila Otadi , Niusha Zeighami , Faghiheh Soltani , Sadaf Taherian , Ana Nemati , Elnaz Shakerdoost , Gohar Kheir Andish , Elham Hamidi , Have been shown in the following pictures

with complete making up , without observing the veil and putting on the colorful dresses . This case would be intensify when they travel abroad . These are the photos which They published on their social network

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