Hanieh Tavasoli , An actress which has low work but having significant films


Hanieh Tavasoli , is one of the few Iranian actresses which has the experience in playing roles in Theatre , Cinema , short films , TV and home movies . She has affected positively in all of them . She was the winner of best actress of Cinema House’s Ceremony in 2003 for playing in the film of Shabhaye Roshan (Light nights) and the winner of best actress of Fajr Film Festival in 2012 for playing in the film of Dehliz ( Corridor) .
She is very careful in choosing her roles , and this is the reason of small number of her films , wish she has played. But She was nominated for prizes in approximately all of them , and most of the films which she has played in Cinema , TV series and even home videos are so popular for example we can indicate the Miveh Mamnoe ( the forbidden fruit ) and Vafa in TV series and the film of Shame Akhar ( the ultimate dinner) in Cinema , which are notable and memorable films . She has expressed (stated) interesting Topics in her last interview about the film of Dehliz (Corridor) , which was directed by Shoeibi. Recently in  her comment in instagram About Morteza Pashaei was sparked controversy.  She has said ” I Don’t know Pashaee and I haven’t heard his music ” . This was the reason for protesting of most of the artists , Morteza Pashaei’s Fans and most of the Hanieh’s Fans

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