An interesting story about Shila Khodadad’s marriage

Shila Khodadad is one of the most famous actresses She is very popular among the people and has played many memorable films and TV Serials . The story of her marriage with Doctor Farzin Sarkarat , the specialist and cosmetic surgeon is very  interesting . See the following interview with her and her husband : 1- You are now a housewife , Have you interested in  housekeeping space and its categories, Are you accustomed to this situation ? She answered : ” I’m not so interested in housekeeping duties , I’m not experienced in this case . But I try to cook myself at house , and have a healthy food .

I don’t like to buy food from restaurants . ” Please explain about your first meeting with your husband ? I have heard from several partners actresses about Doctor , who was so expert , because I was going to make a nose surgery on my nose , and I tried to select the best of them . They all introduced Doctor Farzin and I decided to go to doctor and after examination by him , I had a nose surgery by Dr.Farzin . After operation , I had to have frequent visits to check my nose , after the surgery . One day , He offered to marry with me and after passage a short-time of introducing , we decided to get marry . How did you reach to mutual understanding , because you were famous as a popular actress and your husband , as a skilled and well known specialist in surgery ? I decided to leave playing in cinema , when I got married , I say also that this decision was just my willing not my husband .

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