Which food is created for different organs of body?


Which food is useful for each member of body? Which benefits have each of them when we intake ? What type of foods is better to increase your health ? In this paper ,We have prepared a list of a separately variety of foods which are effective to maintain health in organs of body .

1.Brain: Broccoli ,Walnut ,Peanut, Almond,Bitter Chocolate ,Flax seed ,Cherry ,Salmon,Coffee,Avocado ,Cereals 2-Eye: Sardines, Salmon, Carrots,Bell Peppers,Broccoli,Brussels,Sprouts,Spinach. 3-Heart:Walnut,almonds,oat,olive oil,avocado and salmon 4-Kidney:Broccoli ,raspberry,cherry,strawberry,cranberry, red grapes , olive oil , sweet pepper and etc
5-Memory:Salmon ,Chocolate,Olive oil,Coffee , garlic,potatoes,onions,Spinach
6-Lower blood pressure : Broccoli,green leafy vegetables especially spinach ,salmon,tuna,bananas,garlic,onions
Open vessel: walnuts ,almonds ,pistachios,dark chocolate,whole grains, potatoes with skin , pears with skin ,dried figs ,banana ,split peas and etc …

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