What is The Second Job of The Famous Footballers ?


Many People believe that the famous football players have earned so much money in recent years , So That they can provide themselves and their families for the next several generations . The football players can continue their activities till 35 years , then They can increase income for years .In this article we introduce the jobs that the famous footballers have been selected . 1- Ali Daei : He is known as the man of number one in football and economy . In addtion to ownership of Several shops and galleries of shoes and clothes in Tehran , and the Chamber of Commerce , He is looking to build a tourist town around Chalus as a young Businessman .

2-Ali Karimi : He has planned to invest in the building today . He was active in this section with partnership by Hamed Kavianpoor . 3- Karim Bagheri : He is the former popular football player .He is as a famous brand in the business of Carpet with his wife’s father in Tabriz . He is interested in Buying and selling trucks . 4- Javad Nekunam : The Captain of recent national team of Football , is so interested to the market of perfume and Cologne . So He is considered as one of the famous businessmen who is so active to import foreign Fragrances . Farhad Majidi : He has invested approximatelly all of his financial and properties on the building part in Dubai . 5-Hamed KavianPour : He has established a football school . He has a car exhibition in Tehran too . 6- Nikbakht Vahedi : He has invested in a garment manufacturing Company as a partner . Yahya Golmohammadi : He has the management of a hairdresser which is called ” Persian Art ” We Can introduce other footballers that in addition to football have another Job  The Footballers Such as Fereydoon Zandi , Khodadad Azizi , Mehdi MahdaviKia and Etc .


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