AmirMehdi Jule, the author of Mehran Modiri’s series has joined as an actor in this movie

Make the people laughing, and make them to be happy is very difficult.Especially the people who face to financial difficulties and kinds of griefs. A skilled author has the ability to change sad moments to happily moments with laughing. So that they conveniently forget and leave all aspects of their difficulties and feel freshness and strengthen their spirits.AmirMehdi Jule is one of the authors that create the happiness moments and make charging the spirits.He is the special author of Mehran Modiri’s TV series, which absorbs and attracts millions of viewers and has the maximum fans. He recently was the author of the popular program of “khandavaneh” which has millions fans. Jule recently joined to the actors of the film which is directed by Peiman Ghasemkhani.


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