The most successful artistic couples

The most successful artistic couples :  The events that occure in the artist’s Life are Concerned and followed by media and fans . In all parts of the world , The private life of artists , Such as marriage ,divorce , acute illness , death , … is considered notable among the people . We decided to introduce successful artistic couples in Iran and take a brief view to them . The most famous marriages among the artists are listed below  :

1.Mehdi Pakdel and Behnoush TabaTabaee ,  both are artists in Cinema and TV Series . 2.Amin Zendegani and Elica Abdolrazaghi , both are artists in Cinema and TV Series . 3. Peiman Ghasemkhani whom his main professional activity in the Cinema is writing the Scenario of TV Series and Cinema , of Course he is an actor too , Which has played in few films . Bahareh Rahnama , is one of the most famous actresses in the field of Comedy . They have married for several years and they have a daughter whom She is an small actress too . Ali Mosafa and Leila Hatami , whom have married for about 10 years and have a sweet child . Ali Mosafa is a director too . But Leila Hatami is more famous in Playing roles in Iran and in the world . Mehdi Hashemi and Golab Adineh which have married for several years , are both the artists of Cinema , TV Series and specially in Theater . Amin Hayaee is one of the superstars of Cinema , Has married with Niloofar KhoshKholgh , And have a stable and lucky marriage for several years .

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