Coverage of women in Tehran


A hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest , Which is particulary worn by some Muslim women beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult male outside of their immediate family and according to some interpretations , in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family . Most often , it is worn by muslim women as  a symbol of modesty and privacy . In Iran , The King Reza Pahlavi came into force , the official unveiling in 1935 . But this law was not followed after King Reza Region . There was a ban on islamic headscarves in public universities in Turkey , But in this country has voted to repeal the law in 2008 .

In the basis laws of France the girls were banned from the islamic veil in schools , universities and public places , Since 2004 . With the conso lidation of Islamic revolution in Iran in 1978 , The Islamic hijab was compulsory at the beginning of the revolution Some resistance occured in front of this law on behalf of the women , but this law established till now and all women and girls have to observe it with any religion or belief . The new generation of girls , who are in touch with the world through the mass media , especially through the internet and social networks , Show intelligent resistance through posing their body in dresses . In different cities in Iran , especially in Tehran , We saw so many girls with colourful and fashion dresses which are seductive and attractive for men .
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