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[videoadplayer id=”9434″] When you comb your hair, every day,


you don’t have no choice to see a bunch of them or maybe a few strings of it which has remained on the brush or comb. However you may check the volume of your hair, with a worried look every day. Maybe your hair’s volume won’t be low at all and you make a few small mistakes which causes your hair seem thin.Choose the proper brush:If you wish to have thick hair, it’s better to use round brushes instead of using metal or flat.When your hair is too hot:
Using thermo-up hair including straightened or curled your hair may be makes your hair in a proper shape that you wished but when the heat becomes too much, it will harm your hair.
Do haircut correctly:
If you have a thin and too long hair, it’s natural to seem low-volume, if you wish to change your hair, you should take scissors and just cut through them. The average size of each layer should be shortened. In this case it seems disrupted and voluminous.

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