Our country’s artists couples who have the stable living



The living of artists’ couples are usually confronted with marginal problems which is mostly related to their reputation, so that common life of artists are often lead to failure and isn’t durable. But among our country’s artists couples, there are few couples who are living lovely and with happiness, we try to introduce them.
Leila Hatami and Ali Mosafa:Leila Hatami, is Ali Hatami’s girl, the cute figure of cinema and TV series beside Ali Mosafa, the actor and director of cinema, have the most experience of cooperation among the couples. They have a stable life.

Mehdi Hashemi and Golab Adineh:
Both of them have the experience of acting in the fields of cinema and theater and TV series who have the longest experience of marriage,
among the couples of artists.
We can name other couples such as, Amin Hayaee and Niloofar KhoshKholgh, Rima Raminfar and Amir Jaafari, Bahareh Rahnema and Peiman Ghasemkhani and Rambod Shekarabi and Hadis Fuladvand, too.

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