Foods , which protect of Skin harmful rays of sun

Definitely , one of the most important measures to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays of the sun is repeated using of sunscreen .But having a proper a diet can minimize damaging skin in the lowest rate unbelievably  you must note that if you follow a mediterranean diet You will achieve reducing the skin cancer and delay skin aging process .In this article , we introduce and refer to the food that are rich in antioxidants and are advised to reduce ultraviolet rays damaging . 1- Tomato : Choose to eat the most red tomatoes ,

because this vegetable , has a rich source of lycopene. Studies have show that if we received and absorb more lycopene it leads to reduce damaging of skin against harmful sun rays .2-pumpkin seeds : pumpkin seed is an excellent source of Zinc ,which has antioxidant and inflammatory property. 3-Green tea : Try to drink a cup of green or white tea as a habit everyday .Because this kind of tea is containing polyphenolic compounds which prevent the growth of cancel cells .4- Broccoli : Cabbage family , such as broccoli ,brussels ,sprouts , white and red .5-Red bell pepper 6- Turmeric 7- Salmon Fish 8-Pomegranate 9-Spinach

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