What is the ride of an Iranian Celebrity

Like every other big country with a live and vibrant popular culture of the day (or the pop culture), Iran also have celebrities who can affect the way that people think and act. Specially in the field of marketing and as you know, the car industry is one the most valuable industries that spend a lots of money in annual advertisement both online and offline.

One of the most successful methods of advertisement is to target the celebrities with free products (or in some cases paying them to use your product), to promote your product via them. hence, here are a set of picture belonging to the cars of Iranian celebrities:
What is the ride of an Iranian Celebrity

¬†Elnaz Shakerdoust’s car (famous Iranian Actress)


Ali Karimis BWM (he is an Iranian Soccer super star)


Mehran Modirie’s Benz (he is an all around artist and businessman and job creator)


Niki Karimi’s Car (an Iranian Actress)


Hossein Pakdel’s¬†Maserati (he is an Actor ans also one of the most famous cinema marriages in Iran (he is like an Iranian Brad Pitt))


Mohammad Reza Golzar’s Ferrari (an Iranian actor and former band member in an Iranian famous pop band Ariyans)

By the way, he really shouldn’t be driving like this!! looking at the camera while drining!!


Adel Ferdousi Poor’s Zantia ( he is a TV personality and host of his own sport weekly show)


Ali Dai’s S-class Benz (he is an sport personality and businessman)


Ali Parvine’s Hyundai (he is successful sport personality)

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