Top 5 Most paid actresses in Hollywood in 2014

Yesterday was the international women’s day and in honoring the occasion we have provided you with a list of most paid actresses of Hollywood in the last year. Although money making is not the most important thing in the world but as a indicator of success, it is a very relevant and realistic gauge. The women on the list below, have both lot of money (which we have already established that it counts) and fame which can be contributed to power over pope culture.

Some of the women in the list below, are over 30, which is a great achievement for an actress whom her looks and youth is one of her most valuated commodity. At the end of the list we have added Oprah Winfrey who is in the billionaire club and also Windy Williams and Chelsea Handler (the star of Chelsea Lately talk show). The last couple of names, are women with a tremendous amount of money maybe even salary equal to a famous actress’s life income.

The list of the most paid actresses of Hollywood in the years 2014 (in our opinion) is:
5- Sandra Annette Bullock
4- Jennifer Joanna Aniston
3- Angelina Jolie
2- Drew Blyth Barrymore
1- Julia Fiona Roberts

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