The new trend in the pictures by the Celebrities after Asia games

Recently there have been complement from the ethical police of Iran and the guardians of ethical standards in the Football federation of Iran. Yes, if the name seams Orwellian, they are and worse the related department to those name are even more Orwellian than the name suggests. As for the people of Iran there is no choice but to obey any decree from those departments and any other department that even claim to be connected or even not connected but claims to be protecting the ethical codes.

The amazing part is that the ethical part is not clear. Because the ethics isn’t a solid and confined subject but a relative and relevant to the situation. Therefore, any claims of ethical origin can not be the source of enforcing power. But who can even start to argue this with the heard headed authorities in Iran. All of these, will lead to a complicated and unstable atmosphere in public and social interaction and specially for the celebrities of Iran.

One of the examples of this ordeal is the recent series of¬†reprehension handed to the national soccer players of Iranian national team just because of posing with the fans outside of the field and taking picture with them. The fact of the matter is that most of the people and yes even the guys who claim they are the guardians of ethics, know the current order of our society¬†doesn’t match with the conservative religious dictates and the whole society of Iran have been struggling with it.

To be honest, the cracks n the whole philosophy of religion, holy government, the power of divine and unethical ethics of self claimed guardians are getting more and more clear to the people of Iran and there are only matter of time till the whole religion goes under harsh criticism and even obsolescence. Here are couple of pictures of celebrities and soccer players with their fans:



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