The Latest Of Iranian Celebrities

In the new age the social media has become an essential part of people’s life, especially the celebrities. Iranian celebrities are also part of this phenomena. Here we have gathered the latest of Iranian celebrities, mostly actors and actresses. This is part one of such this posts and we are going to follow on this post every other day.

Here we are going to start with the latest picture of Mahnaz Afshar, who is appears to be sitting on a kitchen counter. We all remember her marriage that had ended really shortly. It seams she is over it now and enjoying a little “her” time.

This one is relater to the red carpet event on a play named “Anna Karenina” that is being play on the City Theater scene. In this picture that Taraneh Alidosti has shared on her own page, you can see her right besides her colleague Ashkan Khatibi, who has been zoning out in this picture.

In this picture you can see Hoda Zeynol Abedin, who is smelling some beautiful lilies. She had wrote a couple of line in the format of TV anchors in the family shows.

This one is a picture Ali sadeghi, but has been shared by sahar Ghoreyshi. Maybe, there is an inside story behind it. In the picture she basically congratulated his birthday.
this one is a picture of Bahareh afshar, with a sad poem underneath it.
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