The J-Ray’s new house saga and Kim Kardashian’s Take on the matter

Kim Kardashina is unfortunately a celebrity who is famously, famous for just being famous. Yes, that is a thing now. She started her way to the top by just being in the paparazzi shots of Paris Hilton. After that, she allegedly released a personal video of her and J Ray (former athlete who is not even in the same league as Kim Kardashian, Kim is now married to the Kanye or as he wants to call himself the “Yeze”). This is the height of how low the celebrities would go for publicity.

The J-Ray's new house saga and Kim Kardashian's Take on the matter 2The whole family of kardashians, came into the scene , when the dad Kardashian defended O.J. Simpson in his then controversial murder charges and got O. J. out of jail. From the point of view of a man, the whole story of the family is sad. It is getting worse and worse by each new development. The new news of Bruce Jenner, unfaithfulness all over the family the huge amount of money that they earn from just being this dysfunctional (please pay attention that as a guy we are looking at it as a dysfunctional, there might be some sort of functional pattern that we are totally missing it here. There must be some sort of logic behind all these drama and pure old ratchedness).

The people that they are connected to are even some sort of miracle¬†on how they have maid their money. As an example, Knaye West is one of the most untalented singers of all time. He can not hold on to one note for more than 2 second and he made most of his money from being a professional singer! People say that “Kanye is famous because he was connected to Jay-Z”; well, Jay-Z himself is an awful vocal guy and one of the worst rappers of all time bar none. Even Jay-Z’s success is totally unreal and in a fair world should have happen. There are all those theories that the Jay-Z area rappers basically were the best distributor and businessmen than best artists.

Recently, J Ray anounced that he might buy a house close to Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s house. Here is the closest thing that we think was Kim’s reaction to this news:
The J-Ray's new house saga and Kim Kardashian's Take on the matter 1

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