The Hungarian Model who said No to Cristiano Ronaldo

In the world of soccer or as the rest of the world says it ; “football”, there is no one more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo (of course at the moment. we are not talking about the whole history of football. If you talk about the whole history of football, you may want to mention the original Ronaldo, Pele, David Beckham and the rest). Besides being famous and incredibly wealthy (because of his record breaking salary in Real Madrid) he is a highly paid male model for famous brands like Calvin Klein,¬†Dolce Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Gucci, Fiorucci, Fendi and Ferre. He is very sought after by the ladies because of his very good physical condition (the defined muscles and six packs).

But sometimes, you will fins a lady that not all of the mentioned accpest and acheivment doesn’t do anything for them. The following is a gallary of modeling pictures taken by the Hungerian Model who alegedly rejected Chris Ronaldo’s offer and alegadly told him that I prefer Slavic men.

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