The curious case of the contractor and the indigenous people



Beauty of face and welcome style of Mahtab Keramati, are the first reaction that comes to mind, when everybody sees her.We had a detailed and interesting interview with her. Question: When was the first time that you looked at in the mirror and you felt that you’re beautiful. Answer: I never had such a feeling. She continued, when i was a kid, i didn’t care to beauty, but i had a pleasure feeling to images, theater, story and literature. My sister and me were a team, After reading a favorite story book, we played characters in front of our family. _When did you add cinema to your life? _ _The second year of university, when i saw ” Hamoon”. She is graduated in Micro- biology. The first film that she has seen, was “sutedelan”. She has passed learning acting in Amin Tarokh’s school.  source

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