The best and successful women in the world

hollywood buzz every year selects the most beautiful women in the world through a poll among users of  Magazine . in late December 2014 this year, the media reported that over 4 million people participated in this poll Which was done through various social networks …  the first of this list is dedicated to nearly one million votes ! Most people who have participated in this  survey were Participants from these countries: United States of America, England, Columbia, Canada, France, Germany, Tunisia, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Italy, India and Turkey ….

The most votes were by the people of these countries , Also 59% of the participants were female and 41% were male.. As in previous years, hollywood buzz Magazine  in this  new poll , Of all the female stars of the world
, 30 of the best Was put on the list. First on this list is an experienced artist ,Monica Bellucci,   also  Meryem Uzerli located in sixth place. The site selection criteria for the most beautiful women in the world is not only a beautiful face

But the main criteria of the survey are: the strongest, smartest, most influential, most popular, most attractive and most beautiful,successful women in 2013 and 2014 …. Monica Bellucci: Italian actress is known for ultra-fine playing actress and is famous for her attractive face  …. Monica Bellucci was chosen as the first And has more than a million votes. Kate Upton is second on the list. she has nearly 700 thousand votes Most Americans have given her the title of Marilyn Monroe

Angelina Jolie: the beautiful actress in Hollywood who has been called the world’s most strongest women . she was assigned to the 3rd rank in the list . And won nearly 500 thousand votes , it is interesting to know that Angelina Jolie in 2013 was the first in the list, But This Year Angelina Jolie is the third rank in the  list.


Aishwarya Rai : Her father was a Maritime Engineer and her mother was a writer …before her birth , her family moved to Mumbai. She ranked fourth in this list

Irina Shayk: She is A mannequin From Russia . Since 2007 to 2012 she attended the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue . she is the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo

Meryem Uzerli: She has a Turkish father and a  German mother … her Sister, Janan, plays jazz … She studied acting in Hamburg …Meryem uzerli’s  most famous role   was as Roxelana in historical drama Magnificent Century …. In 2012. For this role she won the Best Actress Award Golden Butterfly.






Other winners on this list are:  30. Fan Bingbing   29. Deepika Padukone   28. Anne Hathaway   27.Jessica Alba  26. Candice Swanepoel    25.Beyonce    24.Haifa Wehbe   23.Taylor Swift   22. Jennifer Lawrence   21.Kim Kardashian 20.Kristen Stewart   19.Mila Kunis   18. Olivia Wilde   17.Amanda Seyfried   16.Katy Perry   15.Miranda Kerr   14.Eva Mendes   13.Halle Berry   12. Adriana Lima   11.  Megan Fox    10.Scarlet Johansson   9.Rihanna   8.Amber Heard 7.Charlize Theron   6.Meryem Uzerli   5.Irina Shayk   4. Aishwarya Rai Bachan   3.Angelina Jolie   2.Kate Upton 1.Monica Bellucci


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