Tanaz Tabatabayee’s new elegant dress

Tanaz Tabatabayee is one of the new wave of Iranian celebrities who have come after the pre-revolution celebrities who has tore apart to two major pieces. One who stayed in the country and tried to work with unwritten rules and most of the time interpreted ad-hock for political reasons.  The other group of artist just packed up and went to Loss Angles. They have created their own version of Iranian Hollywood in some place that have been called Tehrangeless.

10917445_995661000461925_4983216995901904592_nFor the last 5 years, there was another trend in the new celebrities and to be really clear most of the movies of the last ten years were really bad. Therefore, most of the celebrities, specially the movie stars of the last couple of years have other means of getting famous. Some of them go for contrbercy and social media. Some like bald guy “hasan Rivandi” pays facebook admins to promote them and make them famous while having no real talent and their carrier is going to go to garbage in near future (case the online famous is not even 15 minutes of fame it is 5 seconds of fame. Because everything is changing in the online space so fast that there is new changes just when you have turned your head.).

Like always the celebrities are among good looking people and their clothing and choice of fashion can be really interesting for their fans. Here is a picture of Tanaz Tabatabayee in a very formal pants and suit outfit in bright brown color or as Iranians like to call that color: “the earthy brown”:

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