MahnaZ Afshar’s Best Moments of 2014

Mahnaz Afshar is one of those new wave actresses in the Iranian cinema that somehow inherited part of her success the previous generation, despite the fact that none of her family members have any mention-able acting carrier. If you wonder how did she then inherited her fame, you should just take another look at her face. Yes, she is a Googosh look alike. This means that Googosh was such a super star that even her distant look alike, got one of the best acting carriers. Of course, some of her fame is related to the low quality in the art of cinema and art in general during the rain of I.R. area.

810It means the situation is so bad in the movie business, the directors are so awful, the writers are so untalented that a 5 minute look alike act, has took the whole cinema scene by the storm. Her true place is in some TV show like “Iran Got Talent” or “Iran X Factor”, where someone like Simon hit the buzzer and just tell her like it is!

Anyway, during the last year or so, Mahnaz Afshar had a pretty rocky year. Got married to the royalty. Got divorced from the royalty. Meet some real TV and movie stars and ate some rice. Here are the pictures related to those events:

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