Khosro Masumi says about his new movie events

”Khosrow Masoomi” by saying that filming the movie “Taboo” is continued until the end of March, said today 75 percent of the filming of the movie is finished ,   And can be claimed up to 18 days filming the movie ends. In response to the first player of this Film ”Taboo” ,  Elnaz Shakerdoost  after the event that had happened to her in the sea, What condition is located ”Elnaz Shakerdoost” ? Explained: Elnaz Shakerdoost drowning in the sea, It was just a rumor ,  As well ,   Were able to write an exciting screenplay for it . movie Directed “Bear:Khers” by stating that, based on a screenplay, Elnaz Shakerdoost in a sequence must go into the sea to show that She does’nt want be returned back to life , Stated: I Told Elnaz Shakrdoost to move a little in water , And even that she did not need to be soaked ,Her Distance was only 10 meters from the beach , A small wave caused She losed her balance ,   However, if she had stood on her own feet ,She would have found that part of the river was not deep . She pointed out that Elnaz Shakerdoost just felt is drowned, Continued on the next place we were filming, there was a couple on an old ship as a janitor , when they saw that Elnaz Shakerdoost was frightened sent a ladder to lift her .  Masumi at the end said : ”Still Elnaz Shakerdoost’s role  in the movie “taboo” remains that we are filming these sequences

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