Golshifteh Farahani’s new Red Carpet pictures and Martin Scorsese

Golshifteh Farhani is one of those controversial public figures of Iranian modern cinema. She is by far one of the most successful actresses of the IR Iran. She has played in multiple blockbuster in Hollywood staring Leonardo Decaprio, Christan Bail and so on. She has also been in the big Hollywood extravaganza ordinare celebrity parties with the big wigs of the entertainment industry and so on.

3218Trough out the past couple of years we have saw her picture with the famous actors, directors and studio heads like Harvey Weinstein. She had her way up to the top with her exceptional talent and good public relation. She has been am easy going, always smiling sweetheart all around. Not to mention that she had never backed down from any controversial rule and never stopped been the brave little girl that she is to push the envelop harder and higher and move the success borders of Iranian actresses and actors.

It is true that she has come from a family of artists and actors, most known are her sister Shaghayegh and her father. Recently, Golshifteh has been invited to numerous movie awards and have been shining all trough and trough in all of those awards. Her social presence is almost more prevalent  than most of top tier Hollywood and dare I say Bollywood, actors and actresses. With more than 1.5 million facebook fans strong she id way above most today’s famous Hollywood personality and her presence in a movie would guaranty the return of money for her salary and then some.

In the pictures below we can see her presence on the red carpet and her socialization with Martin Scorsese:


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