Does Getting a plumber lips using botox worth it

Getting a more plumber lips is a new trend in fashion and beauty industry in Iran and places that has a large concentration of celebrities and fashionistas like some part of California (like Hollywood and Los Angeles) and New York in United state (specially the Manhattan island and Madison avenue) with all those actresses and fashion models who are mostly in the advertisement industry and marketing sector.

The prevalence of such body modification between actors and models who get the more spotlight in media (such as movies, music video, fashion magazines or new medias like social medias like twitter, Facebook and specially instagram), makes those type of surgical and nonsurgical body enhancements even more acceptable in the society. Sometime, the herd mentality gets the better of some poor victims of such body modification that can lead to some irreversible damage. Sharareh Rokham is one of new wave of Iranian actress who is the face of some very popular women accessory retailers and other respectable fashion industry leaders.


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