Behnoosh Bakhtiyary and her funny joke to her nice

Behnoosh Bakhtoyari is a famous actress who has a good sense of humor. Like many other celebrities, she has a very strong social media presence and tries to interact with her fans using jocks and interesting content. For the past two years and the introduction of social media, the celebrity phenomena has become very prevalent between the people of Iran and specially after the information revolution that the smart phones combined with the phone friendly social media such as instagram has had, there is no telling how far the power of celebrities in Iran would grow and what form would the whole society would take and what the new norm would be for the whole Persian speaking society.

zoh3s0dprili3tsx73Among the most important impact that the recent ease of flow of information had in the Iran, is the amazing growth in the humor technique and the down of a new area of comedians and independent artists. Before this, a comedian should have the approval of the filtration systems in the national TV and Radio agency which have been tightly controlled and monitored and be on the behest and mercy of usually political figures who had the least idea about being funny and the art in general.

That made it very hard for the female comidians to even have any presence in any portal of information which at that time didn’t surpass from the radio, Tv and newspapers. But recently, after succesful adventure of some privated producers like “Mehran Modiri” who tried with new idea (among them use of female comidians, such as Shaghayesh Dehghan, Falamak Jonady and Behnoosh Bakhtiyari) made the road open to the next generation of Iranian entertainers.

After that, the new technology and the ease of interaction between the artist and the fans combined with alternative income streams such as sponsorship and so on, has given a new hope to a better future for the entertainment of Iranians. In the picture below, you can see a funny joke that Behnoosh Bakhtiyary has wrote to here nice:



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