Alireza Haghighi’s early photo

Alireza Haghighi is the Iranian national team’s goal keeper who made a name for him self during the last soccer (football) FIFA world cup in Brazil, both because of his very good performance and his eye catching presence. His chic style and pretty face made him and international super star in one night. Most of his international fan girls, know about him after Iran’s national Soccer team match with the Argentina’s national team. He also been modeling for Iranian famous clothing and fashion brand (the Iranian equivalents and GUCI, ARMANI, VERSACE ,DOLCE GABBANA, Parada and so on).

His tall statue and athletic body combined with beautiful face topped with lots of money (that come with professional football) and the fame, is Alireza Haghighi’s charms that are very hard to replace. ┬áHere are couple of picture of him with her fans and family: ( the first picture is from his childhood album and is a picture of him with his sister. The rest are his picture posing for the fans)

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