Teaching make up on various skins



Few numbers of people have the anatomical framework for the balanced and proportionate face, but fortunately, all of us can have a beautiful and proportional face, by using make up’ s methods and making
dark and bright shadows on face angels.
1- Make up on clear skin: People who have fair skin, their make up is a little harder, because most commercially available powders and shades are darker than their skin.

The first step to get your skin off of pale, we propose you gray- brown powder that is the right color for forehead and cheekbones makeup. The shades containing crown and shiny, have a better view on dark skin, but you must use the white bone shade for clear skins.
2- Make up wheat grain skin: The wheat grain color is the combination of dark and light shades but we can use the mixture of orange and brown for this kind of skin, and the best propose of us is light purple with the yellow tone which is similar to a raspberry color. we can introduce celebrities who have clear skin .

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