A famous Hollywood actress with the most expensive organs in the world


Rich and famous people perform cosmetic surgery operations to keep their youngness and fitness of their bodies.They spend a lot of money to appear nice and maintain fresh. Amanda Lepore is a Hollywood’s famous actress who has born naturally a boy, but she had a change and became a beautiful and attractive woman, when she was 19 years old. After this operation she did some another surgeries.She explained that the most important and painful operation that she did was the breaking final gear, in order to have narrow waist. She said this operation is against the laws of USA, then she had to travel to Mexico and perform this surgery there. She had another surgeries such as prosthetic lips, chin, and nose surgeries and countless Botox injections on forehead and eyebrows. She works usually as the TV presenter and claims that she has performed the most expensive surgeries on organs of body, because she has spent a lot of money. She explained that her family were opposite to her decision to change her sex, and left her after doing this operation, but she reached to all dreams but this was valuable despite of the huge spending money and loss of her family.

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