What does Google site answer about most famous features of our country?



Google is the main source of obtaining information.Every time, everybody from journalist to ordinary audience want to know more about a subject, returns to Google. Of course sometimes, the information which is taken from Google, isn’t reliable. Sometimes when you haven’t written full name of celebrities, Google offers some words to make your searching more convenient and due to last history of searches of others. Some example of these words are coming in the following: Hadieh Tehrani: Google offers “Tehrani and Party” or “Tehrani and her husband”. Golzar : Googles offers, “Micheal Jackson” and “Does Golzar has married”? AliAkbar HashemiRafsenjani: Google offers ” Good bye” ,it refers to arrival of his son into prison. Zhang Tingzuan : 43 years old Mother who looks like her twenties with two children surprised everyone.

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