Taraneh Alidoosti reacted to remove of her films from Fajr Festival

Taraneh Alidoosti has played in two movies this year , ” Atom Heart Mother” (Directed By Ali Ahmadzadeh) and ”absolute rest ”( Directed By Abdolreza Kahani) , But Both of these films have been excluded from Fajr Festival. Taraneh Alidoosti  Published This text and this picture on her instagram page and reacted to  remove of her films from Fajr Festival : ” These two Movies , two films that You will not see them in the Fajr Film Festival.

” Right image is  “Atom Heart Mother” film Directed By Ali Ahmadzadeh  And left picture is “absolute rest” Film Directed By Abdolreza Kahani , The Reason  of nonexistence  of these films in the festival isn’t important And is not the subject of this note . This year, nine movies  from 22 movies were chosen To compete in the final of Film Festival Awards . All these films were recommended me to play and have a role . But my choice , My Belief , was these two films which were eliminated from Fajr Festival . Soon you will see these films You may like or not ,We can not intermediator between you and any movie , But I Know Myself to be a good actress for these two movies . Two films that were caused I had a happy mood And didn’t be tired . They caused after these difficult  years I think yet there are something to figure out.


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