The expensive and aristocratic penthouses in up town of Tehran


In all of the big cities , Especially in the most of capitals , the growth of urbanization and architecture has been greatly significant and remarkable in recent years . This growthing has been happened too . We see obvious major changes in city view and perspective of it . You rarely see the houses with a big yard and traditional views . Many of streets and alleys have changed to stylish homes and luxury towers and long skyscrapers and single penthouses . The trades which would be carried out on this penthouses proves that some rich people don’t attend to the high prices of them . Although the housing market is in a recession mode these days , But the trading on penthouses is so hot and manufacturers have the highly competition with each other. That’s why that the vendors , in order to set aside the other competitors , try to use the automatic washing system of facade and windows of building , and use air conditioning with fan absorption , intelligent control systems and sauna and jacuzzi and gym salons . It’s interesting that the owners of these penthouses emphasizes to firm housing to control the account circulation of the customers , before showing the building . In the following , we refer to 2 cases of this penthouses : A penthouse with an area of 700 square meters , located on the east Farmanieh street , with 5 bedrooms , 4 parking spaces , Sauna and Jacuzzi , This unit with the unbelievable price for full mortgage of 2 billion and 5 hundred million tomans , and with the price of 10 millions for each meters is valuated . Another penthouse with an area of 800 square meters , located on Fereshteh street , with the pool , sauna and jacuzzi and full kitchen , is valuated 3 billion tomans for full mortgage and the price of 25 million tomans for sale .

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