Simmered Veggie Enchilada Casserole


This enchilada goulash formula is a healthy, veggie-pressed supper stacked with new Mexican flavors! It about time you met the veggie lover choice at my family’s Thanksgiving—and it’s Mexican! When I quit eating meat quite a while back, my mother was completely flummoxed on the most proficient method to sustain me. In truth, I was at that point a full-developed grown-up now, however she’s my mother and she gets a kick out of the chance to ensure I’m all around bolstered. Mother has a little collection of go-to formulas, keeping in mind we were growing up, Mexican “lasagna” was one of them. I generally declined to eat it since I didn’t care for ground hamburger (demanding little Kate strikes once more). When I went over this formula for a stacked enchilada goulash brimming with cooked vegetables and spinach, I sent it her way. It was a hit with the entire family, thus it joined her collection of formulas. She makes it (or simply the broiled vegetables) for Christmas and birthdays, as well. Obviously, I really wanted to tinker with the first formula. I streamlined the veggies a bit and isolated them crosswise over two prospects caramelization. At that point I included some dark beans for protein, and found that Monterey Jack creates an endlessly preferable final product over cheddar does. I wasn’t generally certain what to call this one—Mexican dish? Enchilada meal? Stacked enchiladas? I’m inclining toward enchilada dish right now, despite the fact that this formula calls for salsa rather than enchilada sauce. I attempted it with both, yet it’s less demanding to improve and turns out with salsa. I trust this current one’s a hit at your home! As usual, I want to hear how my formulas turn out in your remarks.

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