Be careful about deficiencies of these three vitamins



Most of nutrients are necessary for good health and it’s possible to get most of them from foods. However we see a shortage of nutrients in body which leads to frequent problems. In this paper, we briefly explain about 3 important vitamins, which are vital and necessary for body.
1- Deficiency of vitamin D:
The symptoms of deficiency of vitamin D in adults are, muscle weakness, bone loss, and increased risk of bone fractures, also deficiency of this vitamin, causes decreasing in immune system and increasing risk of cancer.

The best sources of vitamin D are Cod fish liver oil, fatty fishes such as salmon and sardines, egg yolk and sunlight.
2- Deficiency of vitamin B12:
This vitamin is necessary for constitution of blood cells and function of brain and nerves. This vitamin is found only in animal foods, the food sources
this vitamin are available in viscera, meat, eggs and dairy products.
3- Deficiency of vitamin A:
This vitamin is necessary for health of skin, teeth, bones and membranes of cells.
The sources of vitamin A:
Viscera, fish liver oil, sweet potato, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables.

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