The successful and failed cosmetic surgeries among the celebrities

The successful and failed cosmetic surgeries among the celebrities

Maintaining the beauty of the face and organs which is considered as the most important goals among the celebrities in the world.They want to prolong and benefit the freshness of the face and longer their reputation more and more.Therefore most of celebrities decide to do cosmetic surgery operations once or more times in different times of their lives. But sometimes doing such operations, not only doesn’t lead to beauty but also face them with quite negative results. In the following paragraphs we mention about successful and failed experiences of these operations in the world.
Michael Jackson: Despite of doing more than 10 times surgeries on his elements of his body, but his face would be worse and uglier.
The other samples of unsuccessful operations are, Donatella Versace, the Italian fashion designer and Hang Miocu, The Korean Model and Pete Burns, the leader of a a musician group and etc.
We can refer to successful cosmetic surgeries such as, Natalie Portman the American famous actress, Cameron Diaz the American mannequin and actress and Tom Cruise the American superstar and producer.
As we said before, the cosmetic surgery had been common, among our country’ s artists too. Sharareh Rokham and Nasrolla Radesh are the failed examples and Hanieh Tavasolie and Shila Khodadad are the successful examples of doing cosmetic surgeries.

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