The causes of immigration in the world


Definition of emigration : The movement of people from one country to another to live or work . People usually tend to be far away stacks conditions or unfavorable factors such as poverty , disease , political issues , natural disasters , war , unemployment and isecurity . The second reason could be the absorbing conditions of destination countries such as more health care , better education , higher income , better housing and better political freedoms . There are the highest percentage of immigrants in the labor in the persian gulf countries , which has calculated about 90 % in United Arabic Emirates , 86 percent in Qatar , 82 percent in Kuwait . About one third of international migrants are from one developed country to another country in Europe , Including Luxembourg 45% foreign Labor . In 41 countries , the foreign immigrants consists about one fifth of the population the barriers of migration : This factor is not only the legal issues but also the natural routine factors are so strong . The migrants should leave their countries and favorite things such as : Family , Friends , and Their culture . When they will arrive to the new country , They would face with new difficulties Such as finding house , job , adapting with new laws , new language .We can introduce famous celebrities who emigrated to other  countries .

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