Interview with a beautiful girl who sells flowers in Tajrish’ s square


A few years ago, some news has released in media and social networks about a girl with a stylish and unique looking, who sells flowers, in Tajrish square.Her appearance and character and kind of wearing and kind of speaking, doesn’t fit to vendors.Due to these reasons, we tried to find her and be familiar with her life story and her goals for the future.She likes her job loves to make people happy.She said i was a star.She says loudly when she is walking in side walk and selling flowers,
“I have Dutch flowers, i have Switzerland tel”.Most of her clients are women, it would be gradually crowded around her and all of her customers like her.She introduced herself as “Nakisa”.She had left studying in university, when her father died, and begun working.She had played in 3 movies and worked as a model for a short time.she said that she learned resistance against difficulties from her mother and learned creativity from one of her relatives.

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