Knowing the character of women in basis of the shape of lipstick


When firstly we would be familiar with the test of knowing personality of women in the basis of the shape of lipstick which they use, we can’t believe it, but when this test, was conducted on our female office workers and they confirmed the output closely to true. In the following
paragraphs we explain about this test.
_ Look at your lipstick, if the tip of it,
is flat or clear, it means that you are a determined and stead-fast woman.
_ If the tip of your lipstick is round, it means that you don’t have a strict character, so whereever you go, you try to stablish peace there.
_ If the tip of it, is sharp and angular, it means that you have a peremptory and opinionated character. In general, you have a lively spirit and you are looking for recreation and entertainment everywhere.

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