The Secret of staying young of Famous artists

The Secret of staying young of Famous artists

Why Some of the Celebrities and famous people especially artists won’t be old despite of aging , They care and avoid of making old the skin’s factors . We want to survey the secret of being young between them. 1- Niusha Zeighami : She has extra ordinary Skin and it is because of proper Care of the Skin . 2- Bahareh Rahnama : She has passed 40 years old but her Skin seems so younger .
She says about this youngness that she cares her skin by using sunscreen and drinking a lot of water per day . 3- Mahnaz Afshar : Non-use of cosmetics , is the reason of having young skin for this actress . 4- Gohar Kheyr Andish : She is 60 years old . She exercises every day . She and her family don’t eat fast foods at all . She is Vegetarian and consumes fruits . We Can mention to other actors and actresses which despite of aging , have In shape body and young skin , Such as : Nikki Karimi , Hamed Behdad , Hadieh Tehrani , Mohammad Reza Golzar .

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