The Secret of staying young of Famous artists

Why Some of the Celebrities and famous people especially artists won’t be old despite of aging , They care and avoid of making old the skin’s factors . We want to survey the secret of being young between them. 1- Niusha Zeighami : She has extra ordinary Skin and it is because of proper Care of the Skin . 2- Bahareh Rahnama :  She has passed 40 years old but her Skin seems so younger .
She says about this youngness that she cares her skin by using sunscreen and drinking a lot of water per day .

3- Mahnaz Afshar : Non-use of cosmetics , is the reason of having young skin for this actress  . 4- Gohar Kheyr Andish : She is 60 years old . She exercises every day . She and her family don’t eat fast foods at all . She is Vegetarian and consumes fruits . We Can mention to  other actors and actresses which despite of aging , have In shape body and young skin , Such as : Nikki Karimi , Hamed Behdad , Hadieh Tehrani , Mohammad Reza Golzar .

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