new celebrities clothing style in the world


Lady Gaga is one of the most famous singers who attracts media Attention in the world . She chooses strange clothes for wearing at the concerts and during travelling all over the world .Choosing strange coverages might be the main reason that Lady gaga is known more than other artists by medias and the reporter of different concerts in the world .At  one of her concerts She wore a dress of meat that launched the great controversy. Gaga has been present in Turkey with a new Appearance. Veil allowed her to appear easily in stores and public places in Istanbul of Turkey. While  The previous day She wore A dress which included one-piece Lace and Two large sea shells .
In addition to Lady Gaga There are a lot of actresses and actors all over the world that their clothing style is the main  subject of medias and magazines . For example in Asian Countries like Iran Specially when actors and actresses travel to another country , Their coverages and Clothing styles become The main subject of news  and medias . The Actors and actresses who attract Media attentions in Iran   Such as ”Sepideh Khodaverdi” , ”Shahram Haghighat doost ” , ”Anahita Nemati ” , ”Nikki Karimi ” , ”Leila Otady ” , ”Mahnaz Afshar ” , ”Bahareh Rahnama ” , ”Leila Hatami ” , ”Reza Attaran ” , ” Ali Sadeghi ” , ” Bahram Radan ” Golshifteh Farahani  , Behnoush Bakhtiary and etc .
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